Since their last service on March 30, 2013, the restaurants of the Crillon Hotel of Paris radically changed. By their size first : the new restaurant « L’Ecrin » moved to a 26 covers room that will be able to receive clients every evening from Wednesday to Monday. The old « Salle des Ambassadeurs » will now be the bar.

The culinary art has also been totally reviewed. Every element have been prepared by giant designers and well-known creators. Knives, plates … everything have been changed with attention to detail in order to offer the best experience to the guests the next 5th of July, day of the opening.

A long break that allowed the restaurant’s team to re-forge links with gastronomy

During these 4 years, the Chef Christopher Hache revitalized. He worked as station chef and commis chef around the world in some great restaurants he had carefully chosen in his Michelin guide. United States, Brasil, Japan or England, all these destinations allowed him to re-evaluate himself and only think about food, unlike when he was working as a chef, a job that forced him to handle some side business.

Two menus will be available at« l’Ecrin ». Still in the hôtel, the « Brasserie d’Aumont » will be opened seven days a week, for lunch and dinner. Two restaurants that return after a long break but that will probably be as good as they were before they closed.