Specialist in sales and expert in vineyards, Blue Side is the first agency to develop such a project on the terroir of Provence. Since 2011 and the beginning of the expansion of the rosé wine, the company has never stopped growing and now offers a large number of domains for sale from a million of euros. Originally attached to this land by a blood relationship, Arnaud Courret and Tom Verger, two partners from the industrial and commercial sectors and attached to the wine-producing industry, created Blue Side after they followed specific training in oenology. To date, the company receives a lot of applications every week and makes sure each one meets the quality criteria.

An essential work of middleman and expertise

In a permanent relationship with investors and sellers, the company does a middleman job. They also analyze vineyards and help the new owners revitalize the domain. Along with professionals, an expertise of each domain is carried out in order to reply to the project of every investor. They also guide the new owners in the legal process following the purchase and help them find markers in their new domains in order to boost or realign the production.

«A stable purchase, a strong dimension of passion and a growing price of the rosé make these domains exceptional purchases. »

Contrary to other French vineyards, Provence hasn’t been affected by the massive arrival of Asian investors and especially Chinese. Indeed, the majority of the purchases are made by French people (90%), some frontier investors and American buyers traditionally attached to this highly touristic and culturally wealthy region. Mostly bought by great names of the industry and the viticulture, these domains represent stable source of income that also allow great purchasers to diversify their investments.

A property full of character to spend time in Provence

Beyond legal and financial measures, the passionate dimension is still a major factor for every purchase. Indeed, the great majority of owners generally spend a lot of time after the purchase in order to revitalize the wine-production in the domain, but also to enjoy the magnificent mansions in these vineyards. The purchase of such a domain then represents the acquisition of a property of character to which we remain greatly attached.

The export of the Provence rosé tripled in less than 10 years

Moreover, the arrival of a new owner often represents a lot of changes for the employees on-site. In most cases the domain brings additional standing to the terroir, particularly by modernizing infrastructures, restructuring the vineyard and developing new ideas (products, commercial strategies …). Very in vogue, Provence region benefits from a huge dynamism and an exceptional progression of exports is currently in progress. Since 2011, the sale of Provence wine to foreign countries has increased by 340%, making this region the first international producer of AOC Rosé Wine. This year, Blue Side has achieved the most important moves in terms of wine-growing areas. Driven by their expertise, both associates are planning to strengthen their presence and their attentiveness on this highly dynamic sector in Provence.

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