Currently directed by Sandrine and Pascal Lejeune, 4th generation working on the establishment, the House is created at the beginning of the 19th century. Edmond, the great-grandfather of Sandrine participated with the creation of a wine cooperative in his village located in the hills of the South of Epernay. An innovative initiative that allowed him  to develop a favorable field for his descendants. It is a family story that allowed to this champagne to develop : Aged 20, Thibaut, is the only member of the 5th generation and he recently obtained his high school diploma of wine-making and oenology. The succession will ensure a promising future for the establishment currently settled on more than 4 hectares of vineyards.

Between love for the product and great respect for this millennial terroir of Champagne, the vines of the Champagne Pascal Lejeune develop for 17 years at their own pace in a reasonable approach of growing. Daily, a manual work that include the cutting and the binding of vines is done in order to obtain the best grapes.

For this preservation, they had to apply a reduction of phytosanitary products on the vineyard. They also grassed their field at the beginning of the 21st century in order to avoid the chemical weeding of the ground. This initiative has been rewarded in February 2016 while the family has been certified « High Environmental Valor » and « Lasting Champagne Viticulture » for the ecologically-friendly dispositions taken by the establishment.

The House is currently selling two ranges of Champagne : the Prestigious one and the Essential one including the Cuvée Rosé, tasted by the Tasting Comity of our summer 2017 magazine (N°162) :

“Beautiful pink and rose color, the foam is light, the bubbles are thin and form a nice cord. The nose is delicate on the dried fruits and evolves on the red fruits. Nice attack in your mouse, very enjoyable with a great fruit taste.”

This winegrower champagne won numerous prices, notably at the Decanter World Wine Award or at the International Contest of Lyon.