« France is a nation of Cuisine, not of service » regrets Gil Galasso. And indeed, since 1950, the « French way » service did not undergo any change in spite of the evolution of the food and the dining rooms. Maître d’hôtel and of the culinary arts and « Meilleur Ouvrier de France » in 2003 , the latter imagined at the beginning of 2017 the creation of a charter of the « French way » service in order to restore its respectability to this undervalued art. Gathering the most prestigious French chefs, hotel management school teachers, room directors and maîtres d’hôtels, they had to created a written regulation that would define the rules of service as it is currently done in France and around the world.

Gathered on the 23th of June, 2017 at the Bordeaux Montaigne university, this work team composed the text that define the « French way » service as a « set of postures, attitudes and gestures particularly proper to the profession of the room service ». We also find some basic rules of the culinary art : the fork goes at the left of the plate while the knife should go at the right. Every utensil and accessory that form the table is set up « according to a french taste », that is to say by taking account of the plate as the central point of the symmetry.

This chart doesn’t have for objective to decree but only to establish a standard according to its instigator. However, the number of signatories teaching in the greatest service’s schools or working as chefs let us think that it will by applied in most of the starred restaurants. Yannick Alléno and Jacques and Régis Marcon already signed the charter and were part of the group.

Next, Gil Galasso would love the charter to be admitted by the French authorities in order to avoid the globalization of this specific service and that it becomes a national speciality.

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