« Give me some good cooks and i’ll sign great pacts » had pronounced Talleyrand, statesman in the days of Napoléon. Two centuries later, it’s still around their creations that the pains of the world resolve, but even though, they stay in the shade.

From July 16 to July 23 in Canada, 21 members of this closed circle of the « head chefs of the heads » also have their G20. On this occasion, they gather to taste, visit and use their peerless cooking skills to work for charity. Welcomed by Katie Brown, chef of the kitchens of Justin Trudeau, these head chefs will also be there to make their national gastronomy shine. For France, Guillaume Gomez, chef of the kitchen of the Elysée Palace, major actor of this collective and President of the Association of the Chefs of the French Republic, will obviously be there.

Far from the medias, close to the Greats

At 38 years old, Guillaume Gomez is the pillar of the Elysée’s kitchen. In 20 years of loyal service, the Chef worked for 4 Presidents of the Republic and don’t want to stop there. « Meilleur Ouvrier de France » at 26, he’s the youngest chef to get the blue, white and red collar, and even if his name isn’t known as Philippe Etchebest’s or Cyril Lignac’s, he’s not less influential. In 2015, he was designate by the website Atabula as « Most influent thirty-year-old man of the gastronomic world. He’s particularly at the root of every dish served to the foreign head of states welcomed at the Elysée Palace, and despite his influence, he rarely leaves the stoves. Far from the « food-business », he’s on the contrary one of these French gastronomy lover that want to promote this art all over the world.