Candidate of the second season of Master Chef in 2011, then finalist at the French Dessert Championship in 2014 and in 2015, Ilham Moudnib built a great reputation in a few years. As a patisserie lover, she passed her NVQ and opened her own shop in Alsace just after finishing in the top 10 of the Master Chef’s finalists. Ever since, she never stopped working and evolving. She acquired a lot of experience in the numerous sectors of the hotel-restauration field.

With her feminine and elegant patisserie, she should give real pleasure to clients of the numerous restaurants of the Door Paris group she recently joined. In their two restaurants in Paris — Le Grand Bistro and l’Auberge du Moulin Vert —, she wants to share her view of he contemporary dessert. Favoring finesse over the heaviness of some sweets, tasting one of her creation become a gourmet and light time. By replacing the creme pâtissière by a creme diplomate in the millefeuille, she makes it more aerial and makes a point of honour on the dietary balance.

Finalist of the Female Pastry World Cup in 2015, she becomes the new thinker of the desserts for the Dorr Paris group, a position that should allow her to blossom and to develop her own style of patisserie.