By climbing the steps of the monumental stairs of « La Monnaie de Paris », my heart is racing, not for lack of breath but because of the magical scene which I am going to be a spectator and an actor … A lunch at Guy Savoy’s restaurant in Paris. Like a surprise, the door opens to you as you are approaching : we are at the heart of the greatest restaurant of the world, as elected by « La Liste » a compiled international critic.

The parade of dishes, as sustained as the staff’s one, begin after being invited in one of the rooms placed in a line, adorned with contemporary works and a view on the Seine. The ceiling height is also as majestic as the turbot’s size of 10kg that comes to us as a promise. As a butternut soupe heats our palate in this quivering spring, we catch a foie gras toast offered on a stick.

At the table, we let the master of ceremonies, Hubert, guide us. As a modern taximan with an Anglo-germanic accent involves you literally for a high-level sensory trip. The “Ray refreshed by caviar, little stew of Bretagne » poached and served on an oyster tartare turns out deliciously fleshy. A Blanc de Blancs champagne with Guy Savoy’s acronym (from Maison Legras in Chouilly » will escort this with freshness as a wine of Alsace from an unknown grape variety « Pinot Auxerrois », cuvée H 2012 of the Domaine Josmeyer proposed by the team of Sylvain Nicolas, the chef sommelier. The « Green asparagus with egg, some hay around » highlights the barbecue cooking of the seasonal vegetables while an enormous piece of turbot worked very simply shows that simplicity (baked in the oven) is sometime the hardest recipe except when the products are chosen by Guy Savoy. The three-step waltz of the white wine reaches here its top with a « Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru Abbaye de Morgeot 2013 » of the Domaine Berthelemot. The buckwheat bread dear to the Chef plays its comforting role as a signature dish arrives : « The artichoke and black truffle soup, flaky brioche with mushrooms and truffles ». It’s now the time for meat, distinguished : « Barbecue grilled pigeon, peas, offal gravy, Leonie’s way », the mother of this great and sensible Chef. This generous dish with pronounced flavors allies perfectly with the « Côte Rotie 2011 » of Michelet Stéphane Ogier, a pure Syrah with animal notes and a velvet texture. After the « Rhubarb and hibiscus juice », the dessert trolley arrives without anyone able to stop this perfect and implacable mechanic.

« La Liste », a super-ranking made in France

In response to other international rankings with subjective methods and financed by bulky sponsors, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs hit hard publishing its « Liste » compiling ratings and critics of more than 400 sources from more than 100 countries. Each evaluation is converted into a note out of 100, harmonized according to a conversion table specific to each guide. Internet users’s opinions on the different participating websites are integrating as 25% of the final note. The Restaurant of Guy Savoy took the first place in 2017 with an awesome rating of 99.75/100, just before « Kyo Aji » (Japan) and the « Bernardin » (New York). Cocorico !

Films, videos … A great connected Chef

A single click on the official website makes you discover « A dinner in Paris », the universe of expression of the Chef. Made by the Salto Brothers on a Eric Serra’s music, this introductory film put all the senses awake and appetite.

Did you know that for the french version of the animated movie « Ratatouille », Guy Savoy performed the voice of Horst, the sous-chef of the starred Parisian restaurant « Chez Gusteau ». Finally, member of the Tourism promotion board, created in 2014 by the Quay d’Orsay, Guy Savoy beautifully staged himself in 2016 in a promotional video for the French business tourism (Produced by Atout France).