For this year’s Father’s Day, « Maison Frapin » unveiled his V.S.O.P cognac (Very Superior Old Pale, understand more than 4 and a half year old) in a new flask. Refined, fine and slender, the brand wanted to record in this bottle boldness, design and character, three major pillars of the entreprise. Produced on a domain of Charente that belong to the same family since 1270, this cognac is realized in the land distillery. The french savoir-faire passed from generation to generation made from this cognac a previously unseen product that will give real pleasure to spirit lovers. It’s then placed in oak barrels from Limousin so it ages slowly in the wine cellar of the Maison Frapin until it gets a subtle touch of vanilla.

Smelling it, it reveals intimations of spices and candied fruits which makes it a perfect cognac for aperitifs but also for meals or digestives. Drinking it, despite its power, it’s still balanced and very perfumed. It can also be savored as a cocktail, with yuzu juice, liqueur Saint Germain, ginger and chili soda plus some fresh lime quarters and some basil leaves. A mix that will reveal all the freshness of the cognac.

With more than 240 hectares of vineyard in Grande Champagne, « la Maison Frapin » realizes the totality of his products on site, allowing them to implement an excellent crafting method and to commercialize his cognac in more than 75 countries in the world.