Aged 29, Nicolas Philippe is the chef of production at the Comtoise bakery. After he built his experience working in many entreprises « with no passion nor professional soul », he finally joins his current place of work where he blossoms daily. As a good baker, Nicolas loves the product and works with exactitude. Since he’s free to create what he wants, he realizes recipes some friends taught him or that he invented. In this way, the « traditional Baguette with white chocolate, no yeast but a white chocolate levain » or the « organic rye Pie with Reunion’s turmeric» give his loyal clientele great pleasure. At the Comtoise bakery, no frozen products « with no taste nor nutritional value ». Here, raw materials are carefully chosen with passion. The technics he uses are also traditional. With long fermentations, organic flours and by prohibiting industrial colors, the bread is no longer a side dish but it becomes a really important part of every meal.

Transmission, quest of the good product and commitment : these are the keys of this baker’s success.

Airy and crusty breads, golden croissants and pains au chocolat, every product sold is made in the morning by the baker, the worker under his orders and his apprentice. In order to insure the future of his profession, Nicolas trained a lot of young people, that became his friends. For him, this transmission is essential and he carries on the job of his mentor, Louis Tortochot. This way, he keeps waging war on bad products sold by the chain of stores.  Aiming at the best quality and trying to re-educate every clients to the good taste of traditional bread : this is the whole fight of Nicolas Philippe. A battle that takes most of his time as the bakery is open from 4h30AM to 7h30PM, a time slot at the level of his commitment.

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