Native of the Antigua Caribbean island, Anne-François discovered during high school a passion for rum, speciality of the country. A love for the product he gave to his friend Humbert, now his partner in this adventure created after they graduated from high school : the « Rum Whisper » brand – with no h, even in French ! An english traditional rum based on molasses unlike the over-seas one, usually made with sugarcane juice. A product made in collaboration with a distillery of Antigua and aged on the spot in oak barrels, previously used for bourbon. This practice allows the rum to benefit from the local climate, which is perfect for aging it.

A rum created with spring water from Cognac
The reduction is realized in France with spring water from the region of Cognac, it repre-sents 60% of the final product. The two producers use it instead of seawater with salt re-moved, generally used but cheap. Always in a spirit of change and novelty, Rum Whisper breaks the high-quality rum’s codes by modifying the design of the bottle. An elongated shape and some touch of colors unlike the usual bulging and black bottles. And this is a big hit rum : he’s distributed in a CHR network (cafés, hotels, restaurants), in 8 European countries and more than 500 French points of sale. This work is realized at the same time as their business studies but that didn’t avoid them to take the silver medal at the Rhum Fest 2017, the biggest European rum festival. A new rum should be available soon and the young producers still have many projects in their mind.