Formerly teacher and engineer, Sandrine and Olivier Dovergne are challenge-seekers. In 2014, they both leave their jobs to start a journey across the Atlantic ocean on their boat. On the occasion of the « Vents d’Anges », they mix their thee passions : journey, sailing and vineyards. An adventure that leads them to Bourgogne where they settle down.

A new region for a new life

The two wine lovers then start a career of winegrowers in the Côte of Chalon. Taking over the Domaine de la Luolle, a land farmed by winegrowers until the 70’s, the couple tried to revitalize the vineyard for the grape harvest of 2017. In total, 8 hectares of grapevines will be grown biologically in order to offer the first cuvée of the family in 2018. A daily work led by Olivier and Sandrine Dovergne in order to realize a wine that will represent them and that will be the first vintage of the Domaine de la Luolle where they are planning to leave their mark.