As the online shopping system keeps growing, the job of little producers is losing visibility, handing over to big chains, more practical, cheaper but lethal for the environment. In these new consumption models, there’s no space for local food networks : every vegetable does several thousands kilometers to reach the client and allow everyone to taste any product, no matter the season or the meteorological conditions. In order to fight this « ready-to-eat » trend, TerAvenue, an ecological movement introduces itself as a middleman willing to commercialize products of 1000 workers and proposing their products to the community of epicureans loving the French gastronomy.

A platform with a clear objective : Defend the gastronomy

According to Jean-Pierre Vitter, creator of TerAvenue, a lot of French producers are risking to disappear just because they don’t have enough communication or referencing on the web. The association created a great community where producers and committed consumers share the love they have for the French gastronomy. Besides, the website offers the producers a recognition of their skills, a development of their exposing and the promotion of their work on digital platforms often abandoned. This « e-business » website also enables the consumers to find French producers selling high-quality food. So it is possible to buy every product directly via the internet, without the website taking any duty, and by promoting the local economy and local food networks.