The gallery is pleased to present a new solo exhibition of Vincent Abadie Hafez in Marrakech – residentartist of the gallery since 2010.

Following a traditional residence in Marrakech, Vincent Abadie Hafez willoffer a proteiform exhibition – canvases, papers and bas-reliefs. A monumental installation willalsobeperformed on site.

« Cosmopolitan, the work of Vincent Abadie Hafez is the result of interbreeding, the confluence of several cultures. »

In 1989 it was under the pseudonym Zepha that invests in the graffiti movement. It is a suburb of Paris that he began to impose his name and that of his team the GAP since it will not stop…

He appropriates public space and disrupts visual habits: a graphic utopian fight under takes against a system guided by a man-eating wild liberalism and his « enfant terrible » : advertising.

In parallel to a street writing work Vincent Abadie Hafez developed a graphic and visual language based on movement, through which intersect the influence of the craftsmanship of ancient civilizations, calligraphy, the immediacy of the movement Figuration Libre, the spontaneity of the Lyrical Abstraction, and finally takin grisks random graffiti…

The vernissage will take place on Friday 6th October at 7pm in the presence of the artist. The exhibition will be held until 5 November.