After she made « Steak (R)Evolution », a documentary about the best meats in the world, Vérane Frédiani worked on a much more sensitive subject in her latest film released in  the cinema Wednesday, July 5. For « A la recherche des femmes chefs » (understand Looking for the female chefs), the french filmmaker went to meet starred female chefs but also street cooks around the world. Emblematic figure of the French gastronomy and only 3 starred women of the Michelin Guide, Anne-Sophie Pic was obviously part of the casting of the film, with Jacotte Brazier, grand-daughter of the « Mother Brazier », or Kamilla Seidler, chef of the Gustu in Bolivia and Best Women Chef of Latin America according to the World’s 50 Best Restaurants ranking.

Without questioning the role of men in the culinary world, Vérane Frédiani wanted to highlight women, generally less in the public eye. But the film is also about gastronomy : Tastes, smells, flavors and products are subjects of many discussions as we can see in this short extract :

A film that juggle between these two topics and that may help the general public understanding the difficulty for some women to find a place behind the stoves of the whole world.